Our Products

Don Eladio Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Don Eladio Extra Virgin olive oil combines varieties of olives, achieving a flavor, an aroma and a texture of exceptional characteristics.


Our products are sold in glass bottles of 250 ml and 500ml and in gallons of 5 liters.


Olive varieties

Different varieties are currently part of our production, mainly Frantoio, Lecchino, Arbequina, Coratina, Picual and Koroneiki.

After having received a thorough advice rendered by experts in this subject, a blend made of those varieties has been created to produce a mild, fresh olive oil with fruit notes.

Sale and distribution channels

Nowadays, about 50% of the olive oil is sold in the local market (Uruguay) and the other 50% is exported to Brazil. Year after year, the volume of the olive oil production is increased and it is estimated that in 3 years, the annual production will be maintained in a constant volume of 30,000 or 40,000 liters per year.