About Us

Don Eladio

About 10 years ago, two Uruguayan families decided to set up an olive grove establishment in the Department of Rocha, to the southeast of Uruguay, which was named "Establecimiento Don Eladio".

This Olive grove is surrounded by beautiful hills, where the land quality together with the maritime template climate makes this place exceptional to grow olive trees.

These lands remind us of La Toscana in Italy, where our ancestors used to grow olive trees and produced olive oil on an artisan basis. Many of the olive varieties currently grown in Don Eladio have been brought from that region.

Our history

Both families, Martino and Fernández, have worked during these last years to create an exemplary establishment based on a clear effort to enhance the extra virgin olive oil handmade production, supported by a production environmentally responsible.

Our goal has always been to offer excellent quality products, taking special care of the selection of olive varieties considering those best adapted to our lands and climate. Special emphasis is laid on every detail of the care of the olive trees, being very strict during all the production process, packaging, sale and distribution.